EbN information centre for nurses

The evidence-based information centre for nurses answers nursing-related questions. The answers are summarized in an understandable and condensed evidence synthesis (rapid review). In this way, decisions with and for patients can be supported by evidence, taking into account the best research results and nurses can stay up-to-date.

Nurses can enter questions on the website www.ebninfo.at. A team of nursing scientists searches for published studies in international databases e.g. Cochrane Library, CINAHL, or PubMed and selects relevant studies by a priori defined eligibility criteria. The team evaluates the quality of the studies, summarizes the best available evidence, and sends the rapid review to the nurse who asked the question. All rapid reviews will also be available free of charge online at www.ebninfo.at. In this way all interested people can use this evidence-based information.

This research service is funded by the State Health Agency of Lower Austria (NĂ– Landesgesundheitsagentur) and is the only free of charge, non-industry-sponsored rapid response service for nurses in Austria. All nurses from clinics in Lower Austria can use this service free of charge. The EBN information center is part of Cochrane Austria and pursues the goal of supporting evidence-based nursing care.