Wissen was wirkt - a Cochrane blog

is the German-language blog from Cochrane with posts from Austrian, German, and Swiss Cochrane staff.

Modern medicine is constantly changing; what was true yesterday can be today’s old news. Doctors and patients alike are overwhelmed by the amount of new information published daily. Cochrane tries to filter this information in order to make sure that the most important bits reach health decision-makers. We all are constantly making decisions about our own health – this blog is intended to help you locate reliable information when making these decisions. Blog posts are a combination of interesting stories and the latest findings from evidence-based medicine and its methods.

Additionally, the blog introduces people engaged in the international network of Cochrane and provides a glimpse into their work, their motivation, and their goals.

A blog is rather like an experiment. We are open for your comments, criticism, questions, and discussion – either on wissenwaswirkt.org, on Facebook, or on Twitter.