Cochrane Kompakt

Cochrane Kompakt offers impartial clinical health information for laypeople and patients. This website summarizes all scientific evidence found regarding a specific question and reports it in an easy-to-understand form. The information is sourced from systematic reviews (“Cochrane Reviews”) from the Cochrane Library, which objectively summarize the results of current clinical studies.

The articles on Cochrane Kompakt are:

  • Free to access
  • Current
  • Impartial and evidence-based
  • Written in everyday language
  • Independent from commercial sponsoring

Cochrane Reviews assist patients, their dependents, politicians, and other decision-makers in the medical field to make informed decisions. Cochrane’s goal is to translate medical evidence into other languages in order to spread evidence-based knowledge, thereby improving the medical information available to the public as well as increasing the presence of Cochrane in non-English speaking countries.